As a proud graduate of Basic High School in Henderson, Nevada, I am a product of the Clark County School District.  My wife Lindsay and I are raising two incredible children and we want a better life for them. We recognize their pathway to success begins with providing them with the tools necessary to succeed, including a world class education.  


In order to accomplish this mission, as a Trustee of the Clark County School Board, a multitude of tasks must be performed.  From the top down we, as a board, must critically evaluate each facet of the school district. As a Board of Trustees are we coordinating with our State Legislators to ensure adequate levels of funding are allocated to service our district?  Is our current Superintendent developing and executing a strategy that will improve the educational outcomes of our students? Are we attracting the best and brightest educators to teach our children? Are we providing enough support personnel and resources to our teachers, so they can perform at the highest levels?  Are our classrooms equipped with the technology to bring forth a 21st Century education?  Are we addressing environmental elements in our students’ lives, which may hinder their development as students?  Are we effectively encouraging parents to participate, in their children’s education? Are we providing extracurricular activities to our students, which will encourage their personal development?  Perhaps most importantly, are we preparing our students to succeed in life?


To be successful in representing District A on the Clark County School Board Trustee, a candidate must have the ability to lead while also building working relationships with a diverse group of board members, administrators, teachers, support staff, students, and members of the private sector.  As a military veteran, I served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. As a soldier I witnessed firsthand the importance of proven leadership, operating as a unit towards a common objective, and building relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders. As the founder of Westpac Wealth Partners, I have developed a successful business which serves the financial needs of clients around the globe.  As a devoted husband and father, I feel a sense of urgency to ensure my children, and each child in the district, receive an education that will afford them opportunities yet unimagined.


Thank you for taking this time to glean a bit of insight into why I believe I will best represent the interests of District A on the Clark County School Board.  Over the coming weeks and months, I will be releasing information and establishing a robust dialogue with constituents and stakeholders as we approach our Primary Election.


I encourage you to take this opportunity to reach out by utilizing the Contact page.

"Anand is a man of character, passion and extraordinary integrity. Clark County and the students in the County can benefit from his leadership and mission to ensure the interests

of the students will always be first."



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